Ship chandelling, Technical and General Items
Ship chandelling, Technical and General Items

Rab General Trading is operating from the United Arab Emirates. It is a marine, offshore, and oilfield supplier, which provides global support to the Oil & Gas and Marine Industry with professional service and timely attendance to any requirements.
Ship supply is one of our top services, which involves stocking various vessels with a complete range.
We provide ship chandelling services in goods for fuel-powered commercial ships (oil tankers, container ships, and bulk carriers). We also deal in maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, and food stores for the crew.

General Items

Our General Items include Deck and Engine Stores/ Safety and Cabin Store/ Provision Stores/ Ropes and lifting/ Hardware tools/ paints/ Provision/ Cabin/ Back-stores/ Spare parts/ Private/ Bond Store and other accessories.

Technical Items

  • Some of our technical items include the following:
  • Power tools
  • Manual tools
  • Soldering & piping tools
  • Consumables
  • (Freon, Adhesives, Absorbents, Big Bags, bales of rags, etc.)
  • Bearings & filtration
  • Cables, plugs & fuses
  • Bulbs & lights
  • Batteries
  • Measuring devices

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